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Diane Burton - Tuesday, January 29, 2019


In thinking about a quote a coach shared with me, "There is nothing familiar in a new path," I thought about how a brand new year is an unfamiliar path.

The quote also caused me to think about how God knows what is on the path and it's up to us to put total trust in Him as we walk our new path each day. 🙏

A friend gave me a Jesus Calling 2019 calendar as a gift.

The quote on January: "I will not show you what is on the road ahead, but I will thoroughly equip you for the journey. My living presence is your companion each step of the way." Trust for the unfamiliar path. 💪

The quote for March: "The one who goes ahead of you, opening up the way, is the same one who stays close and never lets go of your hand." Peace for the unfamiliar path.💝

As you step into 2019, have the courage to step into the unfamiliar path (many call it stepping out of their comfort zone - I like unfamiliar path better 😊

I'm so excited about the unfamiliar paths God has in store for me and you in 2019.

I also know that for 2019 and as long as I live, He will go before me and you to help when there are thorns and brush and spider webs and pot holes in the way.

I know He will hold my hand and yours the whole way as we clear those thorns, etc., and as we celebrate the victories. Isaiah 43:2

And, I know He will be behind me and you to catch us when we stumble or fall and will be there to pick us back up.

Yes, unfamiliar paths can be scary; however, I know God is teaching us to trust and that's what I'm choosing to do - will you also choose to trust? His mercy and grace are abundant. Philippians 4:19

I pray you have the courage to step into your why and your passion and mission. You are the only one who can step into what God has planned for your life.

I pray you take God as your partner in everything you do and daily ask Him for wisdom. 🙏

I love and appreciate you 💛💚💙💜❤

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