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Diane Burton - Saturday, September 22, 2018

I was recently asked to share about Time Management. As I began to think about this topic, I realized I would be approaching it in a different way than probably expected. And, those of you who know me are saying, "so what's new, Diane".

When I look at the phrase "Time Management" my first thought is that time can't be managed. We can schedule, we can set timers, set boundaries, etc.; however, I believe we can't manage time.

No one can put more time in the day or take any time out of it.

So, that being said, when I hear the phrase Time Management, I know it means to use it wisely. As I've heard in the direct sales world, "work smarter, not harder."

In Ecclesiastes 9:10, we are told that whatever our hands find to do, to do it with our might! That tells me that whatever I'm doing, do it to the very best of my ability.

Nothing is said about how long it will take - just do it to our very best. I've found there are times when I think I can get something done in a certain time frame and schedule it that way, and yet, many times it takes longer. Did I mismanage my time? I don't believe I did.

What if it took less time to do what I had scheduled? Is that mismanaging my time? You are probably saying, "Diane, what a silly question." 

Is it possible that when we "mismanage" our time, that the thing we didn't do was either not a priority or we just really never planned to do it even though it was on our list?

I have things on my task list that when I put them there I had good intentions of doing them. When it came time to do it, I chose something else to do. Have any of you been there? I remember a lady telling me she would go clean her garage rather than balance her checkbook.)

How many of you have put things off until you can no longer put them off and you have to do it? Did you see my hand go up? Yes, guilty. 

It has to do with using our time wisely. It has to do with working smarter and not harder. It has to do with what's most important to us and is it a priority?

One thing that helps me is to make my list in my planner and then when I do the task, I mark through it with a green highlighter. Ken came in my office one day and saw all the green for the week. He said, "wow, look at what you've done."

I have to admit I really like looking at the green highlight in my planner. And, there are some things I don't want to be left undone and even now I have some things on my list that I'm wondering why I put them there.

What's interesting, is that so many times the very thing I'm not doing would have only taken a few minutes!! So, go after it, do it with all your might, and then just imagine how great you will feel once you have it accomplished. This step is a part of Feast2Live Emotionally.

So, how do we handle "time management"? I invite you to do whatever you're doing with all your might, use your time wisely, and work smarter, not harder.

And, if you choose to not do something on your list, then be kind to yourself knowing you made that choice. If there are consequences because you chose not to do it, then make a note of that to remember what can happen when you don't do what you said you will do.

Let's all go out and Feast2Live 💕

Have a blessed day!

-Diane Burton, The Masterpiece Coach

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