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Diane Burton - Friday, December 07, 2018

On November 13, 2018, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a TEDx presenter at Harding University. The title is, “How to Go from Bullied to Bold”, and as soon as it’s available on YouTube, I’ll let you know.

One of the things I shared in my TEDx presentation, was how I used to bully myself when I looked in the mirror. I’ve had others tell me they bullied themselves in the mirror, too; and I realized it could be quite interesting what my mirror could tell your mirror or vice-versa.

In my last blog post, I shared how the words we say to ourselves will destroy our health. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to click here for that post.

After you read what my mirror could tell you, I’d like for you to share in the comments what your mirror could tell me or what stood out as you read.

“As the fat girl who was made fun of, laughed at and bullied, I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror.

Oh, the stories my mirror could tell your mirror!

I didn’t like my size.

I didn’t like my hair.

I didn’t like my homemade, instead of store-bought, clothes. I was too fat for store bought.

I didn’t like my grades – why would I, I wasn’t smart

I didn’t like, didn’t like, didn’t like.

I didn’t like me!

I didn’t like my life.

The list could go on and on.

Oh, I also didn’t sing pretty enough to be in the chorus.

I didn’t have the body to be cheerleader.

I was too fat to be asked out on a date.

I was told I was pretty, and just imagine what I would look like if I lost the weight!

I was an embarrassment to my family.

WOW – the things I used to say/think to myself as I looked in the mirror.

Oh, the stories my mirror could tell your mirror.

It would be embarrassing!

And, of course they didn’t stop once I left the mirror.

I bullied myself so well, I then believed it all day long. And, the things I told myself in the mirror that were false, became true. Proverbs 23:7 “as a man thinketh so is he.”

What stories could your mirror tell my mirror? Would you be embarrassed?

Were you always kind or were you a bully to yourself when you looked in the mirror?

What is it about looking for the bad instead of the good when we look in the mirror?

I remember someone asking me if I saw something on her face. I told her no. She told me she saw it that morning when she looked in the magnifying mirror. What!!?

Have I/we become so vain that we even pull out the magnifying mirror to find our flaws?

Do we really believe the world is using a magnifying glass looking for our inadequacies?

I know I was so focused on the approval of others, I pretended at times to be someone I wasn’t. I so wanted the approval of others, that I forgot the most important thing was the approval of God.

I lost the weight my Senior year in High School. However, the negative talk to my mirror didn’t quit. I still saw the fat girl. I still thought I wasn’t smart enough or good enough.

Fortunately through coaching, I realized what I was doing, and the mirror talk began to change. I began to choose gratitude over criticism. I began to look for the beauty in the mirror instead of flaws.

Now, my mirror would tell your mirror a love story.

If she begins to see a flaw, she views it as part of who she is and is grateful and smiles.

My mirror would tell you:

I am smart.

I am pretty.

I am a beautiful, wonderful child of God.

I am made in His image.

I am good enough.

I make good choices.

I love my gray, spikey hair.

I love who I get to be.

I love the lessons, blessings and gifts I have learned and continue to learn.

I am a success.

I am achieving my dreams.

I am God’s Masterpiece.

And, that is enough.

What stories would your mirror tell my mirror? Please share in the comments.

Diane Burton
The Masterpiece Coach

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