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Diane Burton - Friday, January 19, 2018

In the blog post "You Are A Masterpiece In God's Eyes" I mentioned how I was brought to my knees when I realized how critical I had been of God concerning my body. After writing that post, I listened to a coach talk about unconditional forgiveness. As I listened, it reminded me of some thoughts I'd written in the past that I want to share with you. 

As I was walking one morning, May 2016, I began to think about the word forgiveness - one of those quirky words that when asked to describe, you usually use the word in the description. Most people know what it means, yet, how do you really describe it? How do I explain it to someone? Here is what I came up with as a way to help me understand it better: 

"For" I am "Giving"

"For" Someone is "Giving"

"For" God is "Giving"


"For" God "Gave" 

"For" Jesus "Gave"

As I thought about forgiveness in those ways, it began to have more meaning. Then I began to think about the ways to "give" forgiveness to myself, to others, receive from others and the amazing forgiveness from God. (This is written in first person since I'm sharing it in the way I was thinking about this process. As you read, I invite you to allow the thoughts to sink in and see if they are also true for you.)

1) Forgiveness for myself - "For" I am "giving" myself permission to let go of my mistakes/sins. "For" I am "giving" myself permission to release my past and move forward. "For" I am "giving" myself permission to no longer dwell on mistakes; and, instead, to use them to serve, guide and support others.

2) Forgiveness from others - "For" someone is "giving" me compassion. "For" someone is "giving" me the ability to move forward, knowing they won't hold it against me or throw it up in my face over and over again in the years to come.

3) Forgiveness for others - "For" I am "giving" someone the benefit of the doubt. "For" I am" giving them peace, comfort and compassion, with the ability to move forward and not have to worry I will bring it up again.

4) God's Forgiveness - "For" God is "giving" me peace, knowing my sins are gone and forgotten (something only He can truly do through Jesus.) As a human, the act I did will always be in my brain somewhere ready to rear it's ugly head to cause me to doubt, to be discouraged (Satan at work) or to bring up again and again to remind me. This is a great reason to release and use my mess as a message or ministry. 

"For" God is "giving" me an opportunity to begin again. "For" God is "giving" me an opportunity to use my mistakes/sins to learn from and to serve Him and others better.

5) God Gave - "For" God "gave" His only Son, Jesus Christ, for me and for you - John 3:16. It was an extravagant, amazing, loving gift - one I can never comprehend. 

He first gave Him on earth to be an example - John 13:1-15. And, then, as the sacrificial lamb for me & you.  "For" Jesus took our sins to "give" us eternal life - Romans 6:23.

6) Jesus Gave - "For" Jesus "gave" His life for you, for me, for everyone. You can read about His crucifixion in Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23 and John 19.

When I think about how He was willing to die such a humiliating, horrific death, and to always be willing to forgive me; it makes it easier for me to be forgiving of others. 

What about you? Is there someone who has asked you to forgive them; yet, you are struggling with being able or willing to be compassionate and forgiving? Or, have you offended someone; yet, you aren't willing to own up to it, hoping they will forget or move on and you won't have to ask for forgiveness?

Are you have trouble giving yourself permission to let go of your past mistakes or what others have done to you? 

Do you think your mistakes/sins are so big, there is no way you could be forgiven?

I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary session so you can begin to let go of your past and forgive yourself and others. By doing so, you can have the opportunity to move forward and live the kind of life God intended you to live.

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